I’ve been training in the martial art aikido for 16 years and have achieved the rank of Nidan (second degree blackbelt). Loosely translated aikido means “the way of the spirit of harmony.” It has become my spiritual practice.

It’s founder, Morehei Ueshiba, known as O Sensei (Great Teacher) was a visionary and deeply spiritual man. “The secret of Aikido,” he wrote, “is to harmonize with the movement of the universe and bring ourselves into accord with the universe itself.” O Sensei maintained that budo (“the martial way”) is a work of love, a path to overcome discord in ourselves and bring peace to the world, “to make the heart of the universe one’s own heart.”*

The Triangle, the Circle, the Square

Why did I choose these three shapes for my online portfolio? There are specific principles associated with each of these forms which are manifested in aikido training, but are also meant to be practiced off the mat. I strive to apply these principles in my daily life, my work, and in my relationships.

I can’t improve on O Sensei’s explanation, so I will let him tell you:

“The triangle represents the generation of energy and initiative; it is the most stable physical posture.

“The circle symbolizes unification, serenity, and perfection; it is the source of unlimited techniques.

“The square stands for form and solidity, the basis of applied control.”

~ O Sensei Morihei Ueshiba

*from the United States Aikido Federation’s About Aikido page.