Interactive Websites

Ask the Rabbi”

I created this interactive site for my ninth grade Introduction to the Hebrew Scriptures classes. Every year, I invited the rabbi at the nearby synagogue to talk with my classes about Judaism. Our class time was short and students had a lot of questions for the rabbi. So, to continue the conversation, I used the educational technology Edmodo to create the site. Students could ask the rabbi questions at anytime, but I screened them before posting them. Sometimes questions and answers happened in real-time during class.

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Word and Deed” Digital Service Portfolio

The theology curriculum required students to do two service projects per semester. Before and after each project, students had to write a reflection and track their service hours. My teaching colleagues and I created a digital student service portfolio on Google sites called “Word and Deed.” Every student had to set up their own personal Word and Deed site and then share it with their respective teacher. Here, students could share their reflections, faith and theological learning growth, and track their service hours; teachers, in turn, could readily grade student assignments.

I no longer have access to student Word and Deed sites, but the “Instructions for Creating a Word and Deed Site” that I developed for my students will hopefully give you a sense of it.

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The checklist below shows other aspects of the Word and Deed site.